Classes are back in session at the studio

Our happy place
- Laura D

Boys dance too!
- Brandon N

The place to be
- Chris G

Very nurturing
- Zoie B

Our dance family
- The Hollands

Our happy place
- Ivy G

Our second family
- Jenn Z

My kids happy place
- Robustellis

More than a dance studio
- Jen S

Quality and fun
- Kerri A

Our home away from home
- Shannon M

Love our KPDC family!
- Megan H

The best, barre none
- Lisa P

The best dance studio!
- Valdes

Our daughter's second home
- Lombardis

Dedicated teachers and staff
- Amy F

Studio with heart and talent
- Melissa M

KP Dance is on pointe
- Corinne M

Professional & inspiring
- Mary Kay D

An amazing experience
- Yekaterina M

Studio with passion & heart
- Kupersmiths

Top notch ensemble of teachers
- Mary Kay D

Great classes for boys too!
- Karyn M

Raising confidence in their dancers
- Julie L

Builds character, strength and friendships!
- Kristina N

Best Birthday parties, hands down!
- Kathleen D

dance with friends
make great kids
healthy and happy
tech enabled studio
For over 30 years
One stop shop for dance, acting, and voice.
Creating community for all ages!

KP Dance Center is a family owned and operated studio that has been providing quality dance instruction to the Kings Park and surrounding areas since 1987. Here at KP Dance Center, the enthusiasm of your child to learn dance is what drives us. We pride ourselves in creating an environment that is warm, inviting and reminiscent of "home".

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"Creating confident and enthusiastic dancers one step at a time."

Why KP Dance Center?

1. Small class sizes for more concentrated instruction.
2. Well designed curriculum in place for optimal learning and enjoyment.
3. Voice and acting classes offered for our aspiring pop idols and movie stars.
4. Find a class that fits you. Multiple class offerings and instructor options.
5. Floor to ceiling mirrors enable our students to see their feet from any area of the dance floor.
6. Staff certified in first aid and CPR.
7. Professional safety sprung raised flooring to prevent injury to our dancers.
8. Friendly, well qualified staff always available to answer questions.

regular class sizes · ages 1.5 and up

Twinkle Babies 1 1/2 - 2yrs old

The perfect start for your dancer! Dancers will have an introduction to ballet, tap, and creative movement while using props to inspire imagination, creativity, and most of all- FUN!

Twinkle Stars 3 - 6yrs old

A class consisting of ballet, tap and jazz/creative movement. Dancers will build their skills and steps and begin to learn terminology in a fun and positive environment. "Freeze Dance" is always a highlight for this class!

one on one instruction · ages 7 and up

One on one training in all of our offered styles- tap, jazz, ballet, voice, cheer, acting and more! Private lessons provide targeted and goal oriented training for your child. Perfect for students looking to work on flexibility, turns, leaps, cheer stunts and more

controlled class size (6-9) · ages 3 and up

Stars Hip Hop 6 & up

One of our most popular classes! Students have a great time learning the latest dance styles. They will be working isolations and encouraged to add their own style to movements. All music as well as steps are clean and age appropriate.

Technique 6 & up

The basis of all fundamentals of dance, from holding your body correctly while performing, to executing skills properly in a routine. Strong technique extends across all areas of dance, regardless of the style of your routine.

train from home · ages 1.5 and up


These classes are hybrid classes. That means if you choose to join us in person at any time, you’ll have a spot waiting for you in the classroom. Also whether you choose to participate in person or stay online, you’re more than welcome to participate in the recital. Class size is limited so don’t wait to register.

Looking for...


Our tumbling classes focus on the gymnastics skills that are associated with the sport and activity of cheerleading. Along with Hip Hop skills and fun.


During this class participants will work on vocals, dancing, acting and exercises.


Just like the hit show, a combination of dancing and singing to your favorite popular songs. Professional choreographers and vocal coaches work with the students to fine tune their skills.